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October 25th Sojourn Kids Registration

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Sojourn Kids Reopening

With the greatest delight and joy, I'm happy to say that Sojourn Kids will be reopening on Sunday, October 18th! To follow along with government recommendations, while also making room for visitors, we will open classrooms at a limited capacity while asking each family to register their children before they come. Read below for more details and instructions.

Dates and Registration:

  • Reopening Date: October 18th
  • Service Time: Sojourn Kids will only be open for the 9am Service at this time. We hope to open classrooms at both services soon.
  • Ages: Sojourn Kids will be open to children ages 1 to 5 yrs (PreK).
  • Registration: Registration will open each week on Tuesday at 5pm. Look for the registration link at the top of this page.
  • Room Capacity: One's (capped at 6), Two's (capped at 8), Three's (capped at 8), PreK (capped at 8). A waitlist will begin once each classroom reaches capacity. Each classroom will be staffed with two volunteers.
What to Expect:
  • Arrival: Parents who are checking in kids should enter the building through the Sojourn Kids entrance (the glass doors on the far left).
  • Check-In: We will have pre-printed labels for each family (name tags and pick-up tags), and one of our hospitality volunteers will welcome each family and distribute tags to them as they arrive. We will have socially-distant markers on the ground for you to wait as a family until you receive your child’s tag and are ushered back by a Sojourn Kids leader. Parents will then exit through the back of the Sojourn Kids hallway through the Connect Room to attend service. 
  • Temperature Checks: We will have someone at the entrance taking each child’s temperature when they arrive before they can enter. Any child with a temperature greater than 100.4, or other signs of illness, will not be permitted to enter (per CDC guidelines). The same requirements will apply to Sojourn Kids volunteers.
  • Masks and Gloves: All Sojourn Kids volunteers will be wearing masks (and gloves when necessary). Parents are asked to wear masks while dropping off their children. Children ages 5 and under are encouraged to not wear masks due to the increased risk of suffocation or strangulation (per Kentucky Guidelines).
  • Sanitation: Each room will be thoroughly sanitized before drop-off begins. All toys and surfaces will be cleaned after each service, and any items that can’t be cleaned/sanitized will be removed from the classroom.
  • Restrooms: One child (and one female assistant if needed) may be in the restroom at a time (with a second volunteer near by), and restrooms will be thoroughly sanitized after each individual use.
  • Snacks: No snacks will be served in the classroom at this time.
  • Pick-Up and Exit: Parents will enter through the opposite end of the Sojourn Kids hallway (through the Connect Room) to pick up their children. Sojourn Kids coordinators will usher parents back one at a time to help with congestion in the hallway. Parents should show their pick-up tag when arriving to the classroom. Parents and children will then exit out of the front hallway through the Sojourn Kids entrance.
  • Mothers' Room: Our Infants Room will continue to be available for moms who need a space to nurse or to change their babies. This room won’t have a volunteer in it, but if you come through the front Sojourn Kids entrance, we will help direct you.

Making it Through this COVID-19 Season 

Maybe in-person meetings aren't doable right now. No worries, we've got you covered! If you are anything like me, navigating this season with the young, watchful eyes of your kiddos taking in every move you make can be hard! Our hope as a ministry is to come partner alongside you all and serve your family the best we can. To help us in that, we have a couple of other resources for you to make this season of life a bit more manageable, while still keeping your child's time with and lessons about God intentional and life giving. 

  • Kids Assembly Videos: Join us for Sojourn Kids Assembly on Facebook Live each Sunday at 9am.
  • Weekly Devotions: Each week, there will be a devotion dedicated to you the parent, as well as another devotion dedicated to your child. Both of these devotions are geared to helping you slow down, take a breath, and remember who you are in Christ. Each devotional resource can be found through this page beginning Sunday, October 18th.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or if you need anything.

Jordan Goings

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