Community Groups

Community Groups

We gather together to learn how to love God and love one another. Groups are not only the primary entry point into community within Sojourn, they also represent the church on a personal level. Joining a community group is the best way to truly be a part of Sojourn. We have groups that meet all across the city during the week.

What Is A Community Group?

Our Community Groups are small groups of 10-15 people that meet on a regular basis to encourage one another towards faithfulness to Jesus. CGs are the first step to exploring Sojourn and where a big church begins to feel small. We have CGs that meet across the city most nights of the week. 

To view a list of our CG resources, click here.

Why Should I Visit a Community Group?

Community Groups are the most fundamental way we grow as disciples and make disciples at Sojourn Midtown. Through CG’s we seek to grow as disciples of Jesus, live as a family of believers, and be sent out on a shared mission. You cannot fully experience Sojourn apart from our Community Groups. 

What Should I Expect?

The primary goal in CG's is for us to grow as disciples, love one another as a family, and be sent on a shared mission. This can be accomplished through a variety of formats, but generally speaking Community Group will consist of diving deeper into the scripture preached the previous Sunday, praying together, and practicing hospitality and service towards our neighbors. 

How Do I Join A Group?

Personal Invitation

If you know someone in a community group, ask that person about visiting their group. You’ll already know someone when you join the group for the first time!

Group Launch

Group Launch is a starting or restarting point for anyone seeking to get plugged in relationally into the life of our church. The goal is to form new groups with others, like you that have the desire to grow in deeper relationship within the body.

Sign Up For Next Group Launch

If you're still having trouble finding a group, please email Kevin Hippolyte, Director of Next Steps. 

How Can I Lead Or Host A Group?

Are you interested in creating a space for people to find and build relationships with others? We would love to talk with you about leading or hosting a group! If you're interested email Director of Next Steps.

Midtown Next Steps Staff

Kevin Hippolyte

Director of Next Steps

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