Pre-Marital Care & Weddings

About Pre-Marital Care

Sojourn provides free Pre-Marital Care (PMC) free for Sojourn members or those in the membership process. If you are a member preparing to be married, Sojourn PMC is required, regardless of your wedding location.

After turning in your completed Marriage Preparation Inventories and Informed Consent Form, you will be assigned to one of our trained marriage mentors to take you through PMC. We use our own material, plus a selected book to supplement the PMC sessions. We typically schedule PMC 12 weeks before your wedding—six two-hour sessions, spaced out every other week. The last session, which deals with the marriage bed, is scheduled no more than two weeks prior to the wedding.

Scheduling is sometimes more difficult if a fiance lives in another city or you have unusual work schedules. We ask you to be flexible and accommodating since our mentors have time demands and constraints as well. We also ask you to consider the importance of PMC by making the scheduling a priority.

Once complete, you will need to email your inventories and Informed Consent forms to Mary Barker.

To Apply for PMC

  1. Download Marriage Preparatory Inventory Instructions
  2. Download A Marriage Preparatory Inventory
  3. Download the Premarital Care Syllabus
  4. Fill out Midtown PMC form

About Weddings

Congratulations on your engagement! We’re excited to prepare you for your wedding ceremony and marriage. Sojourn offers crucial resources like Premarital Care, pastors to officiate your wedding, and a wedding coordinator who will help you plan and execute your rehearsal and wedding day. We pray you will enjoy this time together and be encouraged in the Lord. We will strive to make your wedding day joyous and stress-free.

You can if either you or your fiancé is a member or a member-in-process at Sojourn. However, we do not hold wedding receptions at Sojourn.

  • You or your fiancé must be a member of Sojourn (or waiting for your membership interview).
  • You must apply for Premarital care before you can be approved to have your wedding at Sojourn. For more information on the Premarital Care process, read the section above.
  • Only a Sojourn pastor can officiate your wedding.
  • Only a Sojourn wedding coordinator can coordinate your wedding.
  • You must meet all requirements as stated in your wedding contract with Sojourn.
  • All events at Sojourn must be in accordance with our beliefs and Bylaws.

The total cost for a wedding at Midtown $950. This includes a $30 non-refundable deposit to secure the date. This includes using the space for the rehearsal, utilities, cleaning, a wedding coordinator, a pastor to officiate, a sound technician, and at some locations, a police officer for security.

  • Email us to request your desired date for approval. We'll get back with you as soon as possible regarding availability.
  • Complete your application for Pre-Marital Counseling

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