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  • Sojourn Students Sunday Gathering

    April 14 04:45 PM
  • Middle School Retreat

    May 17 06:30 PM

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About Sojourn Students

S2 (Sojourn Students) is our ministry for middle school and high school students. We want to create relationships with students and families to reach them with the gospel, build students to be like Christ, and release them to tell others about the gospel.

Why We Gather

We believe that only the good news of Jesus Christ can change students, families, neighborhoods, and schools. As we minister to students and families, we are inviting your family into the church family of Sojourn. We never want S2 to replace Sunday services, but provide a safe, student relevant environment, focused on growing them in Jesus to be the church.

Resources for Parents

Get guidance on walking kids of all ages through the path to adulthood.


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Fall Schedule


14  Sunday Gathering 

  • MS & HS: Persevering Faith

21  Sunday Gathering 

  • MS: Read in Context
  • HS: How Do Christians Interpret the Old Testament?

28 Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Ask Which Covenant
  • HS: Should Christians Be Tolerant?


04  No Sunday Gathering (Member Meeting)

11  Family Super Bowl Party

18  Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Using Bible Maps
  • HS: What Does the Bible Teach about Sex and Dating?

23  Garden Project Parent Night

  • Gender Identity

25  Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Research the Background of a Book
  • HS: What Does the Bible Teach about LGBTQ+ Issues?


03  Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Descriptive or Prescriptive
  • HS: Can Christians Believe in Evolution?

10   Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Learning From Descriptive
  • HS: How Should Christians Think about Mental Health Struggles?

17   Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Who Are These Prescriptive Commands For?
  • HS: Does Committing Suicide Condemn You to Hell?

24   Easter Egg Hunt

31    No Sunday Gathering (Easter)


07  Sunday Gathering

  • MS & HS: Persevering Faith

14   Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Look for Truths Revealed
  • HS: Why Pray If God Will Do What He Wants?

21   Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Look for Revealed Truths about God, Humans, and God’s Plan
  • HS: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

28   Sunday Gathering

  • MS: Learn and Apply: Situational Application
  • HS: Reflections on Discover


05  Sunday Gathering

  • MS & HS: Persevering Faith

12  No Sunday Gathering (Mother's Day)

17  Middle School Retreat (17th-19th)


02  Senior Celebration

  • Celebrate Our Graduates
  • High School Graduation Party

11  High School Short-Term Trip

  • Dominician Republic

Students Staff

Kevin Hippolyte

Director of Students

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About Us

Sojourn Midtown is a part of the Sojourn family of churches. Our mission is to reach people with the gospel, build them up as the church, and send them into the world.

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