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Next Chapter

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As we approach Christmas acknowledging our difficulties and experiencing the brokenness around us, we can also come with great confidence, because our hope has a name and His name is Jesus. Because this hope isn’t just for us, we have an incredible invitation to extend this hope to those around us. 

The financial impact of this difficult year has helped to make us aware of two pressing realities: the reality of the benevolence needs that have and will come to us, and the reality that we are not currently in a position to meet those needs. We want to be ready for the need that we believe is coming. We want those in need to know not just that we care about their suffering, but more importantly, that Jesus cares. There are a couple of things about Jesus’ care for those suffering that especially stick out to us in the midst of this crisis: 

  • Jesus doesn’t just feel care for them, but he wants to do something about their physical needs. Therefore, we can’t just say “we care for you” without meeting physical needs (James 2:15-16). 
  • At the same time, Jesus’ care for people was personal and intentional as we see at the end of Matthew 20. He doesn’t want to have “faceless mercy.” Genuine care has a name. Those in need who will come to us will have a name and a story. We want to know their names and hold their stories while we seek to alleviate some of their physical needs. 

Our goal is to raise $25K in year-end gifts to begin building a benevolence fund to be ready for the need that is coming. A portion of this initial benevolence fund will go towards purchasing gifts for our Affordable Christmas shopping event happening on Dec. 12. Affordable Christmas is an event that offers help and dignity to families in need during the holidays. Considering the uncertainty that still surrounds the financial impact of COVID-19, any giving beyond $25K will go to our general budget to help us head into 2021 in a healthier place to forward ministry here in needed ways.

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