J-Town | Sojourn Kids Reopens

J-Town | Sojourn Kids Reopens

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Register your kids here for this Sunday!
Are you interested in serving with us in Sojourn Kids? Click here!

Dates and Registration:

  • Reopening Date: March 21st
  • Service Time: Sojourn Kids will be open for both the 9am and 11am Services.
  • Ages: Sojourn Kids will be open to children ages Birth-5th Grade
  • Registration: Registration will open each week on Tuesday at 5pm. 

What to Expect:

  • Arrival: Parents who are checking in kids should enter the building through the Sojourn Kids entrance (the glass doors on the far left).
  • Check-In: We will have pre-printed labels for each family (name tags and pick-up tags), and one of our hospitality volunteers will welcome each family and distribute tags to them as they arrive. We will have socially-distant markers on the ground for you to wait as a family until you receive your child’s tag and are ushered back by a Sojourn Kids leader. Parents will then exit through the back of the Sojourn Kids hallway through the Connect Room to attend service. 
  • Temperature Checks: We will have someone at the entrance taking each child’s temperature when they arrive before they can enter. Any child with a temperature greater than 100.4, or other signs of illness, will not be permitted to enter (per CDC guidelines). The same requirements will apply to Sojourn Kids volunteers.
  • Masks and Gloves: All Sojourn Kids volunteers will be wearing masks (and gloves when necessary). Parents are asked to wear masks while dropping off their children. Children ages 5 and under are encouraged to not wear masks due to the increased risk of suffocation or strangulation (per Kentucky Guidelines).
  • Sanitation: Each room will be thoroughly sanitized before drop-off begins. All toys and surfaces will be cleaned after each service, and any items that can’t be cleaned/sanitized will be removed from the classroom.
  • Restrooms: One child (and one female assistant if needed) may be in the restroom at a time (with a second volunteer close by), and restrooms will be thoroughly sanitized after each individual use.
  • Snacks: No snacks will be served in the classroom at this time.
  • Pick-Up and Exit: Parents will enter through the opposite end of the Sojourn Kids hallway (through the Connect Room) to pick up their children. Sojourn Kids coordinators will usher parents back one at a time to help with congestion in the hallway. Parents should show their pick-up tag when arriving to the classroom. Parents and children will then exit out of the front hallway through the Sojourn Kids entrance.
  • Mothers' Room: Our Infants Room will continue to be available for moms who need a space to nurse or to change their babies. This room won’t have a volunteer in it, but if you come through the front Sojourn Kids entrance, we will help direct you.

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