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Multiply Your Life

In just two hours, you can deeply impact the next generation for Jesus.

Did you know "childcare" is a dirty word at Sojourn Kids? That's because what we do isn't mere babysitting—it's discipleship. We're looking for people to partner with us in living out the Great Commission.

There are few places where you can have such a radical impact on so many in such a short time. If you're serious about bringing the love of Jesus to others, then multiply your life with Sojourn Kids.

Highly Rewarding

Some ministry jobs are thankless—but not children's ministry. Children let you know they care. Plus, you can see the effect you're having on their lives. Leave every week not just hoping but knowing you made a difference.

Short-Term Commitments

Commit to a healthy rhythm that won't burn you out. Join the team every week or every other for just one season (summer, spring, or fall). Once it's done, you can re-up or take a break depending on how you feel. Some servants return repeatedly and others move on to other ministries.

No Special Skills Needed

Children's ministry isn't about teaching ability, Bible expertise, or a colorful personality. It's about forming relationships. If you can show kindness, you're qualified. We prep the lessons and get them to you—all you need to do is read.


Every week, we meet 30 minutes before the service for a team huddle. Once children begin to arrive, we have a flexible morning schedule that includes free play, snacks, and Assembly (a lesson and music).

Most weeks, your total time commitment will be just under two hours.

If you serve in a classroom, then a few days before, you'll be emailed the lesson. We ask that you read it ahead of time—that's all the prep work you need to do!

On Sunday, our servants often take turns reading the lesson. Sometimes, we have servants who enjoy this role and do it week after week. Just about anyone can do it, especially with a little practice, and kids don't judge.

If reading a lesson makes you nervous, let us know. We'll see if we can pair you with someone who can do the reading for you.

Yes, if you'd like to help, but not in a classroom, you could serve in our hospitality or check-in roles.

Men, good news—you're exempt. We leave diaper-changing to the ladies.

Ladies, if you're caring for younger children, you may have to change some diapers. However, we make it as easy as possible. We have supplies and space ready for you, and you'll never be on your own.

If you have a serious aversion to diaper-changing, it's not a deal-breaker. We can figure out what other roles you might be suited for. There's a place for everyone.

Never. We know how stressful it can be to be on your own. Plus, we're sticklers about safety and security for our kiddos. That's why we have a minimum of two servants in every classroom at all time—not to mention hall monitors and service coordinators who are available to step in, make supply runs, and answer questions at any time.

You're not alone. Lots of people feel anxious at the thought of children's ministry. Some feel like they don't know what they're doing, they're not cut out for it, or they don't have the right personality. Some people just feel awkward around children.

If you step in anyway and face your fear, you'll be surprised at how quickly it dissipates. You'll experience how loving, trusting, and non-judgmental children can be. All they want is a safe adult who cares and listens to them. That's a skill you can bring to the table.

We'll gather your basic information and run a background check on you. If you're approved, we'll bring you up to speed with our training material. Finally, we'll get you placed into a classroom or other serving role for the season.

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Sojourn Kids Buddy Program

Some children need one-on-one support at Sojourn Kids. That's where our Buddy Program comes in. We pair an adult with a child to support them (and their family).

To be a Buddy, you don't need special training, but you will need to complete the same application as other Kids volunteers. 

For more info, email Alexa Suter.

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