The Baptism Testimony of Alex Levesque

Alex Levesque

April 07, 2023

I grew up going to church. I knew of God and Jesus and the rules I should follow, but it wasn’t personal. I spent my time justifying my rule breaking and chasing after relationships thinking that would make life better or easier. It didn’t.

One failed relationship after the next left me feeling alone and unwanted. But then I came to college and got involved in a campus ministry called Cru. I didn’t plan to do ministry in college, but a couple of guys invited me to hangout with them so I figured I might as well make some friends up here.

They taught me the Jesus wasn't just a far away God, but the God that I could have a relationship with. One that would fulfill me and bring me joy. I decided spring of my freshman year of college that I wanted to have a relationship with Christ and have been following Him for 6 years now.

Now I am a YoungLife leader so that I can share with highschoolers with disabilities that Jesus desires a relationship with them too. I have chosen to get baptized today to continue my journey in deepening my relationship with Christ and publicly confess that Jesus is Lord.

Alex Levesque

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