The Baptism Testimony of Hannah Levesque

April 11, 2023

I grew up knowing that church was important but my family did not go regularly. When I was in eighth grade, I decided that my family should go to church because “good people” go to church. I became invested in my youth group and wanted to grow in my faith but I was more concerned with being considered good, trying to do everything perfect and pleasing the people around me rather than a relationship with Jesus.

But then, during junior year of high school, my youth group leader and young life leader showed me my need for God and the freedom he provided. They taught me that God desires a relationship with me and doesn’t want me to be perfect.

Since that time 8 years ago, I have developed a deeper relationship with Christ and committed my life to him. Through the trials of these years, I have been able to trust in God’s goodness and not my own. Instead of living anxiously, I know I have been given God’s peace and freedom. I know now that no one is perfect and through the blood of Jesus I am justified! I desire to share this good news with others, especially those with disabilities and one day live in eternal life with Jesus!

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