The Garden Project: Saplings

Rochell Goff

December 20, 2022

Like a gardener who is tending their gardening plot Christian parents can not just let their kids grow up without guidance, pruning, watering, tending, and fertilizer. We are striving to raise the next generation of believers, our foundation is God's word. We encourage you to use these gardening tips in parenting your kids.

"I love the analogy of life as a garden, whether you love to garden or not, most people love to be in one. Sometimes they are organized, orderly, and monochrome, sometimes free flowing, vivacious and colorful. But in all cases, they symbolize life and growth" *


The section is for you as a parent 

For our single parents, what adults are you connecting with, who knows what is happening in your life? How are you prioritizing time with your friends and community? Are you making time for one another, putting one another before your child(ren)?

These questions stir up thoughts in your heart. These questions are meant as a help, when we are busy with helping our kids grow we often overlook ourselves or our spouse. Deuteronomy 6:6 calls us as parents to model our faith to our children by keeping God's word in our hearts.

Spent time in the Word. Read for your understanding and growth, only through an overflow can we be effective in our families.

We want this resource to be an encouragement to you, it is not a condemnation but an opportunity for growth.How are you growing in the Lord?

How are you pursuing Christ in the midst of the business of life with your child(ren)?

It is often helpful to think beyond that of your household. Are you taking the time/space to allow others into your life? Are there ways you can serve someone in your community and world? It may not look like how you have served others in the past but when you serve others you it helps you remember the wider world the Lord has placed you in. 


Below are some resources we have found to help you as parents.  



Loving the Little Years

Parenting by Paul Tripp

Family Shepherds: Calling and Equipping Men to Lead their Homes 


Rain for Roots


In-person friendship/mentorship from faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Check out: 

 Jen Wilken Parenting Classes


Habits (to start/continue) - Read Bible stories out loud from the The Gospel Story Bible. Listen to worship songs, Seeds Family Worship 

Celebration Take time to celebrate the loss of a tooth, good grades, or efforts to get better grades. Seek out opportunities to celebrate the small victories and big moments. A celebration doesn't have to be a big meal or treat. It could be a game night in the middle of the week or an extra 20 minutes of screen time.  

Milestones Kindergarten is a big deal in a young kid's life, they may have been in daycare or preschool for a while but OFFICIALLY starting school is huge! Their little minds are going to be experiencing a lot everyday. Take time to acknowledge this milestone in their lives. 

Your child may want to talk about who Jesus is to them, and what a personal relationship looks like. As you begin conversations remember to ask open ended questions and let them to the talking. Don’t push the conversation, and it may just be a simple curiosity.  

Rochell Goff

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