The Garden Project: Sprouts

Josh Rothschild

December 20, 2022

Like a gardener who is tending their gardening plot Christian parents can not just let their kids grow up without guidance, pruning, watering, tending, and fertilizer. We are striving to raise the next generation of believers, our foundation is God’s word. We encourage you to use these gardening tips in parenting your kids.

“I love the analogy of life as a garden, whether you love to garden or not, most people love to be in one. Sometimes they are organized, orderly, and monochrome, sometimes free flowing, vivacious and colorful. But in all cases, they symbolize life and growth”


The section is for you as a parent.

The transition into the toddler phase comes with new joys and new challenges. Your child is learning that they have

Take a moment to think through the following categories with your spouse and/or community.

Gospel. The Gospel both offers grace for our parenting fails as well as motivates us to grow in better representin our heavenly Father to our children. In that way, the Gospel corrects against partenting guilt and shame, as well as parenting apathy and autopilot. As you consider the dual corrections of the the Gospel in your parenting, where do you sense the Spirit’s invitation? Where is He inviting you to accept His grace and mercy? And where is He calling you to Gospel-motivated energy and effort?

Self. Part of the parenting journey is realizing our tendency to either replicate or reject the way we were raised as children. As much as we may try to form a vision of the type of family we want to be, we are always being influenced by the family in which we were raised. Familial pain that has not been transformed by the Gospel will be transmitted to your children. What are components of your family’s legacy do you wish to pass on to your children? What aspects do you wish to change? Where is there reconciliation, repentance, or forgiveness needed between you and your parents?



Beginners Gospel Bible

Biggest Story ABC

Known, Sally Loyd-jones

Gospel Centered Family


Slugs and bugs

Shai Linn’s Jesus Kids.

Check out

Risen Motherhood



  • Weekly Sabbath. Take a full day if able, or chunk of a day every week to turn off your screens, put your work down, and celebrate God’s goodness.
  • Bedtime blessings. Start a habit of praying praying over and blessing your child. Don’t make it too complicated, short prayers every night go a long way.


  • Vocabulary. As their co babbling slowly changes into words
  • Helpfulness. As your toddler tries to help in household tasks (though it may slow you down!) celebrate their heart and effort.


  • Classroom transitions in Sojourn Kids 

Josh Rothschild

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